Taiyou no Uta (Movie)


A movie starring YUI and Takashi Tsukamoto, it really is a sentimental and moving piece of work. Amane Kaoru (YUI) suffers from a disease known as XP (xeroderma pigmentosum) where exposure to the sun’s UV rays may end her life. As a consequence, she sleeps during the day and treats the midnight as her chance to go outside the walls of her room. Everytime she is staring by the window in her room though, she oftentimes spot Koji (Takashi) hanging around with his friends, motorcycle, and surfboard. The story revolves around her and how she, with Koji and her family, would deal with this extremely rare disease.

2What made me watch this is that YUI is the actress and it is my first time seeing her act in such a dramatic movie. She included three of her singles in the movie, one of which is one of my favorites and is also the theme song of the movie – Good-bye days. She sang it with intense emotion and it was very integral to the storyline. Koji’s actions and his efforts to make Amane feel satisfied is very touching indeed, not to mention captivating in its every sense.

The lighting, the setting, the sound were all great, but I coudn’t imagine that JDrama presents the story in a VERY SLOW pace. I almost dropped it. In fact, I just watched the movie “in parts”. But when I finished it, it was all worth it. It was great, but not amazing. And YUI is as beautiful as ever, along with her unique voice quality.

3I’ll definitely search for another one to watch, probably something similar to this. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop a comment. My appreciation. 🙂


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