Yeah, it’s that day

Today is the day that the starting digit of my age is no longer 1, and never will be again, perhaps in the next 90 years more…

I thank God for the past 20 years – full of challenges with rewards, hardships with blessings, and most of all, friends and loved ones which are all irreplaceable..

Thanks all to these mice for greeting me haha. 🙂

Today is also the day I hope to re-live my long lost novel, Lonely Road..

Well then, ’til next time. 😀


3 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s that day

  1. My 20th birthday is less than two months from now. I feel the same with you but I think it is 80 years more, isn’t it?
    I’m looking forward for the new chapters after you gone for hiatus. I’m came back somehow too, but my hiatus is much longer and untold. Hopefully we’ll enjoy each others’ novel.
    I’m planning to bring the second story arc as a new novel site. What do you think?

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