Mel Kano [manga]

melkano1Okay let’s get right down to emotions, I have said earlier that I get easily attached to characters to anything that I watch/read – same is true with this slice-of-life/romance manga that is very applicable in the world today. Hence, I greatly suggest you reading this right now. And yes, this apply to YOU – yes, the one reading this is no other but yourself.

You may ask why. But of course, I’ll get to that but before that, what makes you read this right now? THE INTERNET right? And it’ll be no accident if you’ve chatted with someone you don’t know personally, but occasionally-oftentimes keep in touch through mail/web/messaging. These days, it’s already full of “that” – we can’t really help it. Imagine you can talk with someone over a thousand miles away.

But anyway, going straight to the point, this manga explores on relationships with your personal life and “online” life. Yes, it will make you really think and realize the differences between the two.

melkano2Personally, I suggest having a personal relationship. If you try to combine ummm.. Well, just read it. I promise the story is engaging, full of surprises, and the characters are very hard to not like.

I’ll be updated with this one ’til the very end. Sigh..  So sad.. ><

Just honestly face your feelings, and make a decision you will never regret…


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