Missing something(s)


It’s already been 4 effin’ weeks.. That’s right! A month! . . . Since I last played my keyboards. 😦 I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Somebody please fix it! Good thing that it is still covered by the warranty, but my parents still won’t have it repaired.. Gosh! I’m missing it badly! I need my eye-hand coordination practiced again. I need to listen to the product of my hardwork, patience, and perseverance. I need to listen to the tunes of my black and white keys! Please.. I want to listen to my music again.. :'[

If I get it back, I am sooooo gonna use it! Will play the Clannad tracks. I (also) miss it badly..

5cmI’m also waiting for the release of the most-awaited anime-movie yet.. Makoto Shinkai’s fourth monumental production.  I haven’t got any news yet as to what it’s about nor the date of its release. All I know is that he went to London for a vacation. I suppose he got his inspiration there. (He eventually went back to Japan I think). So, I assume that it’s about distance again.

Either way, anyway, I would love to be one of the thousands who can/may have the privilege to watch it (and understand it). I am so looking forward to it.

Also, I haven’t been watching anime lately, so I’m getting left behind. Well, I do watch FMA: Brotherhood and Tears to Tiara. But what I miss the most are the likes of Clannad, Footprints in the Sand, Myself; Yourself, Sola, A Tale of Memories, etc… Let’s get those emotions pumping!

jyukai_thumbAnyone got any news from Jyukai? Manami? Dewa? ANYTHING? I’m starving for a new song from them… Really, if you listen to their music, it’s nearly impossible to not like it, and then love it.. Damn.. My soul can’t stop searching for the things I’ve lost… Really, I need them all back!

I’m still here.. Hoping that when I wake up one day, my fate was changed…

And one thing, Don’t let your academics get in the way of your life. Really, when you grow up, people NEVER EVER care what grades did you get while you were still in school. It’s your personality and interests that matter. It’s how YOU shaped your life SO FAR.  Start living the dream.


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