Alive Post

Hi. I’m still alive. I’ve just been rather too busy. I’m sorry Hanamuke. I’ll make it up to you next semester.

Anyway, I’ve got bad news. I got a very high random number in school – which means that I will definitely, undoubtedly, surely, get a terror, f@#*-ing teacher in my Philosophy and Theology classes (subjects where you don’t get an A. Seriously!)

4 and a half days from the Champions League final. It’s really exciting now and I want Barcelona FC to win.. Damn Man.United. I hope they stop bagging in the trophies and silverwares. It’s becoming a cliche already.

Anime-wise, Animax Philippines’ Tears to Tiara and Full-Metal Alchemist airing was great. These were two amazing anime and it’s such a great thing that they air it at the same week as Japan. It’s somehow comforting to watch anime legally. You know what I mean. Hahaha.

See ‘ya. 🙂

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