This is really making me laugh. You see, wordpress can trace what search tags you type on any search engine(s) to reach my blog. And this is the THIRD time I’ve come across this one:

n_n means WTF

Are you nuts? Have you people got any life? SERIOUSLY! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK is “n_n”. Shame!!! XD

(Don’t try searching “XD means”. I’ll kill you instantly…)


2 thoughts on “WTF..again

  1. Next, it’ll be “>_>”, “o.O” or “~_~”.

    Well, you receive better search terms than me :). I get stuff like “measure b00bs size”, “yes i do” (LOLWUT?), and “horny manga” among some other creative ones. 😀

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