Taking A Trip Down Pre-Memory Lane

It was a kinda memorable day since I realized, had I not chosen Mr. Ambeth Ocampo as my History165 [Rizal and the Emergence of Filipino Nation] teacher, I wouldn’t have gone to the National Museum in my entire life! But since he required it, I had the chance to go there with some of my blockmates!

At first, I thought it was a rather boring place to go, as the name suggests (museum). However, the place had a different feel for me.

For the first building, which contains all amazing paintings and sculptures by famous Filipino artists, the Spoliarium (click here to view sample image) struck me the most. It was a very, very huge painting with intense drama and amazing impact to anyone who would dare see it, even in the finest detail! It’s such an amazing work of art and Juan Luna couldn’t have done it any better! 5/5. You really have to go there to be fascinated yourself! The other paintings by Luna himself and Hidalgo are also nice.

Located also in the same building are prehistoric bones found here in the Philippines – some are preserved while some are just the replica of the original. In the middle of that gallery is a humungous sperm whale skeletal system replica (or so I think).

What got me upset that while you are walking in the corridors, it can be undeniably noticed that NO ONE ELSE ASIDE FROM YOU is walking the same path as yours. YOU ARE ALONE. Nobody visits the museum these days! It’s such a shame and you get to see great works of art for only a small fee!

Anyway, moving on to the second building,  it contains the artifacts from Pre-Colonial Philippines. There we got bored with all those pieces and fragments of earthenware and ceramic jars and plates of all shapes and sizes. But aside from that, the other artifacts are just pure amazing! Like the map used in the Treaty of Tordesillas where Spain and Portugal “ruled” the world, the ancient instruments used – including a visual and virtual program that lets you play the instruments like crazy (literally! haha), weapons and books, and much more!

Overall, the museum experience is everything out of the ordinary; and although it was a bit tiring, I wouldn’t replace it with just mere staying at home and drowning one’s self with various internet sties. 🙂

P.S. It was May 1 when we got there, so on the way, there were a LOT of rallyists flooding the streets [May 1 = Labor Day] causing severe traffic problems.

P.S.S. It was also VERY disappointing that taking of pictures WAS NOT ALLOWED. I mean, whoever thought of this idea sure hated his own face! What the heck is the reason behind this? It’s just stupid! Aside from that, taking pictures of the paintings and artifacts then showing them to everyone MIGHT be a good promotion to the museum! Geeeeeeeeeez…


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