Semana Santa ’09 + Cherry Blossoms

To all the Roman Catholics out there, a solemn Holy Week to all, coupled with a joyous Easter Sunday! ^^

As for me, it has been a usual Holy Week, but what’s most striking is that vacation has ended and classes will soon rise from the dead once more. DAMN! At least it’s just a preparatory stage (Summer Classes) for the Senior era. ^^

I’ve spent my HW in Bataan together with my family and relatives and I always attend the Prusisyon annually, during Holy Wednesdays and Good Fridays. It’s a part of my Holy Week commemoration. Below are the pictures during the Prusisyon on Good Friday.

Summer Classes = 3 hours only daily = MORE TIME FOR MYSELF + music + anime + games. Haha. Anime-wise, I’d like to try White Album, and Kimikiss. I also want to eventually watch Ef: A Tale of Melodies and Paranoia Agent. When K-On is finished, I’d like to see it too! ^^ And oh, the Clannad review will be here any day now. Haha. Mata ne! ^^


Finally, my classmate went to Japan, so I sneaked in my only chance of having a Jyukai album. Sadly though, they don’t have enough time to please my request. In return, he handed me some sakura pictures, which are absolutely stunning, beautiful, and wonderful. Sugoi, sugoi, sugoi! Truly, one of Earth’s treasures. 🙂


Now if these aren’t the epitomy of beauty, then I don’t know what is… ^^


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