Your Hand in Mine

Since I have nothing better to do during my Philosophy 102 classes, I decided to write my own poem as my take on Explosions in the Sky‘s Your Hand in Mine. I enjoyed writing it. ^^

In case you still haven’t heard of it, here’s my favorite piano version I found in the net.

Your Hand in Mine

Hair sways the fourth time,
My eyes remained stationary.
You moved along the line,
I felt your hand in mine.

A smile in the darkest fears,
Wonders even the gulls at far.
To wipe away all the tears,
And lessen all arrears.

This song you wished to sing,
Still resonates in this fragility.
Now that the dawn is breaking,
This riven heart began trembling.

To you, I did confide,
This lone and wandering soul.
But now, the truth shall not hide,
Yes, I know, you were never by my side.


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