Celebrating the 1st Annual Global Shinkai Day


The first, and the probably the only, event that I’ll be participating (and have participated) today is (was) watching (watched) 5 centimeters per second – dubbed version. I just have to try it out.

Turns out everything was ok. Whoever thought of this idea is a real winner. It changed my point of view on English dubbers out there who are totally wanna-be’s. Although it failed to capture totally the emotion in its words, the quality of the voice acting and the maturity as time goes by worked well.

It’s really disappointing that I have to go somewhere today, and that’s why I can’t stay here in the dormitory and watch all Shinkai films, but I’ve already watched them so that’s cool. But what I really want to participate in is the discussions of hundreds, and maybe thousands of viewers around the planet. It will be a cool gathering for all Shinkai fans and his majestic works of art. If I had the time, I would’ve joined the conference in Ventrilo set-up by Laz (Cherry Blossoms Falling) the whole day! Haha.

Oh well, off I go now.

Again, cheers for Makoto Shinkai! May you continue to pleasure us with your talent. (Indirect Translation: produce more films!!! ^^ Haha)

P.S. Akari’s voice (little girl) was really cute. Haha. 🙂

P.S.S. I hated Akari’s voice (matured girl). Pffftt….

P.S.S.S. There are no English subs for One More Time, One More Chance. So if you can’t understand a thing about it, I have a translation here in my blog. Just search for it. 🙂


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