Until Death Do Us Part

I have just started reading this incredible manga (actually, I’ve only read about Chapter 1) and already wanted to start blogging about it. Haha.

Think of it as a manga-sized Daredevil: Movie. A somewhat “blind” protagonist protecting someone in exchange for something. This cool blind guy kicking ass all over the place should keep my interest level up for many weeks to come. I’ll be reading this along with Ga-Rei and Amanchu!

The perfect slash

The perfect slash

Remember Rurouni Kenshin? Haha. Those gun shrapnels fit back perfectly into place because of a distinctive, perfect katana slice. Haha. Kewl… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Until Death Do Us Part

  1. paps. tnry ko basahin to maganda concept. angganda rin ng art.

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