Reflection + Farewell

Earlier this morning, I was walking in an overpass on my way to school. It was about 7:35 in the morning. I noticed a high school student just behind me who’s walking faster than me. He must be late in his class that he is rushing this way. Naturally, he “overtakes” me and beat me to the steps on the way down. I didn’t mind that because I’m not really rushing; and besides, my teacher for that time doesn’t really care if we’re late or not.

Anyway, let’s go back to the story. As I was walking on that bridge, a woman riding a bicycle was about 10 steps in front of me. She was probably around 35 to 45 years of age. As she was near the bridge, she just dragged her bicycle and lifted it on her way down. Now, I wondered what would this high school student (male) do in case the lady lifting the bicycle blocks the whole stairway.

Now, to the main point. The student approached the lady and told her that he would lift the bike for her! In front of me, that wonderful thing happened! In that very moment, I was stunned! I can’t move. My legs want to turn back and just walk my way home. I was embarrassed. Even if no one saw it, I was humiliated. Why haven’t I thought of that. It’s such a shame for me. 😦

Moral of the day: We may be equipped with the proper virtues in life, but applying them is something else.


Meanwhile, Gamescape Internet Cafe will close down in just 17 hours now! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is a total tragedy. All the friendship started here, and I’m certainly hoping it will not end here.

I will miss you all guys, especially Kuya Mark, who’s been with us for 3 years, patiently assisting us here. He’s been a good friend of ours and we’ll absolutely miss him. GS: You will forever be missed! [Really, I didn’t see this coming. >< ]

Farewell GS!




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