25 Random Stuff About Me

1. When I was a kid and was carried by my dad while standing on a bridge, a strong gust of wind took my favorite, green cap from my head to the river. I felt really, really sad.

2. My first pair of Converse shoes (probably aged 15 years now) is still at home and is well kept.

3. I had 5 Nintendo Family Computers(TM) and I hated how cartridges used to say 999999 in 1 when there were only 10 games in it!

4. In my baby book (whatever you call it), my parents wrote “tall” on their expectations to me. Well, wish granted.

5. I had a Pneumonia when I was still in Grade 3. Because of that, I skipped classes for a month or so.

6. Except for one (two years ago), I had never missed a single “prusisyon” in our province every Holy Week. That is, every Good Wednesdays and Good Fridays.

7. I always hated vomiting, or in any way feeling like it. Guess it’s trauma (and well, I just hate the way it feels).

8. In an attempt to impress someone when I was still in Grade 4, I told my mom to buy me a very, very long pencil. And she did! Consequently, I used it in class but it was not only her who was amazed by it – even my teachers!

9. I studied my pre-elementary years in the province and whenever I talk to my parents via the phone in a public telephone station, I would sing “Bahay Kubo” and everyone else in the station would look and listen to me. Well, at least that’s what my aunt told me.

10. I started eating vegetables when I was in Grade 5. I remember when my mom prepared only veggies for two straight days! What else can I do? Haha.

11. I became a fan of Robbie Williams (since Grade 6), The Corrs (since Grade 6), Avril Lavigne (since 1st Yr HS), Chris Webber (since 1st Yr HS), Coldplay (2nd Yr HS), Yellowcard (since 4th Yr HS) Jyukai (since 1st Yr Col), and Yamazaki Masayoshi (since 3rd Yr Col).

12. I used to memorize all the countries and its capitals since Grade 5 (along with its national flag). I even had the large countries’ states/provinces memorized. I don’t think I can still accomplish that now.

13. I also memorized the proper arrangement of the Periodic Table of Elements. Damn. How dork could I get?

14. I started playing computer games a week before my elementary Graduation Day. It has been a part of my lifestyle since then.

15. I once lifted an instant noodle with boiling water and spilled it over to my leg. I don’t want to go into details about this. [P.S. It reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

aaaaaally hurts!]

16. I also lifted a large can of Promil when I was still a kid, and dropped it to my toe. [Read P.S. from item #15]

17. I learned to play the flute, the guitar, and the piano by myself. I am really passionate when it comes to music. Someday, I would like to learn the violin. No.. I WILL learn it.

18. I’m a tear-jerker. I tend to be emotional on some things and really emotional to MOST things. Ever loved someone that made you cry? Don’t ask me…

19. I am currently writing a novel and I hope I can finish it. Lately, however, I haven’t had the time to upload some chapters on my mind due to real life issues.

20. Thanks to some unresolved issues, I am still studying and staying here in the Philippines. We almost migrated to Australia when I was still in 1st Yr HS.

21. I’d rather be alone. Yes, most of the time, I think I’d rather be alone.

22. About 60% of my college life was spent on Gamescape Internet Cafe. This is the foundation of my college life aside from school. “Fate has drawn us all together”, but it seems like fate will also separate us. Now that’s closing down, what else can we do? My college life will never be the same anymore.

23. I’m an avid fan of Makoto Shinkai’s 5 Centimeters per Second. If ever he makes another movie (hopefully this year or next year), I’ll make it sure that I watch it within the first week of its release! Aside from that, I also loved ALL of his previous works (She and Her Cat, Voices of A Distant Star, Beyond the Clouds, The Promised Place).

24. I miss your eyes and your smile.

And finally, I think it is only I who could say this boldly:

25. COLLEGE >> HIGH SCHOOL; in terms of almost everything. College may be harsh, but it has been good to me since I don’t know when. A lot of good things happened and might still happen. Being with your friends from day ’til night is a priceless experience (thanks to dormitories!).


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