Yet another random post. Naturally, you’ll find more random posts here since this blog is not really specific to anything.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy week and a tough Friday. Hopefully, my weekend will be a restful one, considering that we don’t have classes on Monday. Weeee. ^^

Here are also 2 pictures of a typical Digital Electronics morning across the window:

Also, beyond that, is the new poster for anime series that will be presented this Spring 2009. Gathered from the net again. I don’t have any idea on almost all of them, except for Kiniro no Corda. I’ll be watching that. I think I’ll also be watching Tears to Tiara and Natsu no Arashi – being a SHAFT project. A must watch probably is Winter Sonata taken from one of the seasons of Endless Love. Very, very heavy drama. This could be nice. ^^

[DAMN WordPress my pictures compile at the bottom. How come they are not in a “tight” order anymore.” XD Or is it just me? Errrrrrr.]



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