True Tears Eps. 1~5

Yes, I know it was too little too late, but I just want to share something from this anime to those who haven’t watched it yet. Heck, I’m not yet in a position to do a recommendation, after having only watched the first 5 episodes, but I think everything is clear enough to me now.

First of all, this one has lots of potentials (standing from the 5-episode point of view). The unbelievable tension that’s building up with the main characters had been developed in an awesome way. What’s left now is the resolution, but I’ll leave that to the next 8 episodes.

The animation was nice, although I haven’t heard of any other anime made by P.A. Works yet. What made this anime intriguing was the fact that it was very detail-oriented. A lot of things are going through between-the-lines, and if you’ll re-watch it, it will make you smile and say, “Darn, why didn’t I see that earlier?” kind of stuff.

The voice acting was subpar, though emotions can be felt, I can say that they could’ve done a much better job.

Being another slice-of-life, harem-like genre, it contains a lot of potentials at the start, but certainly, could it be another disappointed? Certainly, I thought sola was a disappointment for me. I didn’t like what happened, but that’s just the way it is.

The OPs and EDs got me in a good mood, especially after knowing that eufonius’ REFLECTIA was the OP. The moment I heard her voice (from Clannad’s OP Megumeru), it was something magical, and cute as well. I liked the melody and overall, it was a good song really (speaking in an anime OP/ED point of view). Aira Yuki‘s Sekai no Namida wasn’t a bad ED after all (though the characters-marching-in-the-end scene was a little cliche in ED scenes).

The story seems to me, is the defining moment of True Tears. Aside from the “real world” scenes, Shinichiro manages to tell a story from a distant world every night (just like Clannad and ef ~A Tale of Memories~). Personally, I don’t having such scenes. I think it adds flavor to the story and what better way to cap it off is to link these side-stories to the main plot. The only problem is the transition and the resolution. In the end, I do hope I still rate True Tears as high as it was becoming now. I’ll probably give it a 7.5 out of 10 so far.



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