Update XD

Updating my anime’s to watch:

1. Clannad ~After Story~ [update..]
2. ~ef~ A Tale of Melodies [update..]
3. Ga-Rei Zero -or- Chaos; Head
4. White Album

Updating my manga’s to read:
1. xxxHolic
2. Da Capo (?)
3. Watashitachi no Tamura-kun
4. Umi no Misaki
5. Hoshi wa Utau
6. Amanchu (thanks Keiri!^^)
7. Kimikiss Various Heroines (?)

MORE to follow. ^^ Gawd, I need more time so I could watch and read all these. Giving me the time to do all these could be the best gift EVAH! XD

Click HERE for White Album official site. Looks interesting to me. Probably somehow Clannad-like that most probably lacks humor and excitement. But I’ll watch for it nonetheless.

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