Personality Test

Taken from Goldin Universe.

Name: Sherico
Date: 12/1/2008
Colorgenics Number: 54671023

You are in a state of constant expectation and want interesting and exciting things to happen to you. But in fact, you are a ‘Walter Mitty’ at times – a dreamer – over-imaginative and often given to fantasy or day-dreaming. There is nothing wrong in ‘dreaming’ – how boring life would be if one just followed the doctrines of everyday life – but one must not continue leading a life of continuous fantasy. You need to face reality in spite of all its possible shortcomings.

For some time now you may have been subjected to considerable physical illness and or emotional distress. This may have taken a severe toll and you feel both physically and mentally worn out. Your self esteem has been reduced and you now need a peaceful environment which will permit you to effect full recovery.

You are very demanding – and insisting on total involvement but you do not reciprocate with the same depth of feeling. However, it could well be that maybe an unprecedented surprise is awaiting you in the near future. For just as one whilst paddling in the sea, could flounder into a whirlpool, so you may be drawn into a loving situation that has high emotional demands – and you could well respond with a depth of emotion that you never even dreamed that you possessed.

All the distress and agitation is the result of attempting to avoid any form of stimulation or excitement. The situation in which you find yourself at this time is one of hostility and therefore you are under considerable pressure. You are very irritable and prone to angry outbursts. You are in a mental quandary and you could be experiencing physical problems.You are very distressed by the apparent hostility of everyone around you and you feel coerced and subjected to intolerable pressures. You are resentful of what you regard as unreasonable demands on you but the situation is such that you feel powerless to control it and at this time you just don’t know ‘which way to turn’.

You are worn out – suffering from what has been described as ‘burnout’ and nothing seems to stimulate you to break away from this state of lethargy. This situation is causing an acute distress situation and not being able immediately to resolve the problems is exposing you to excess stress and tension. You are endeavouring to break away from this situation by withdrawing into a state of ‘Never Never Land’ – an illusory substitute world in which things could be as you would like them to be. Now is the time to take time-out – to relax. A short break is all that you need and you will find that matters will resolve themselves.

It’s so true! Haha. It’s cool. Try it for yourself! ^^ Click on the link above.


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