Weee. I’ve already reached the 10th chapter of my novel. I’m overwhelmed. Thanks to those who are reading that and anticipating every chapter. ^^ In case you haven’t read it yet, then why don’t you check it out. CLICK HERE to read my on-going novel. ^^

Meanwhile, I’m searching for the MP3s of Yamazaki Masayoshi’s Hachigatsu no Christmas and Zenbu Kimidatta. Please, if anyone have them, or knows where I can download them – I’m begging you, where can I find one. I super love those songs! ^^ I neeeeeeeeeeeed to have it……!!!! AAAAAAAARgh.. Thanks in advance! ^^

Meanwhile, SV Werder Bremen haven’t won a game yet in UCL! That’s nuts. Not even against Panathinaikos, nor Anorthosis Famagusta. This is insane! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Why can’t they win. T-T Even AC Fiorentina can’t win. Waaaahh. Noooo. T-T Luckily though, Aston Villa FC and Sevilla FC are winning in the UEFA Cup. ^^ Yey, congratulations to them.

I haven’t got the chance to watch NBA now that’s why I didn’t join any fantasy games. Haha.

And another thing..




MORE. . .

You know who you are…

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