Toki wo Kizamu Uta / TORCH Single Release

I’ve listened to both songs and they are both good overall.

I’m amazed at how Lia’s voice can be this refined. She adjusts and makes transitions from high pitch to low pitch in a pinch, without losing her wonderful voice quality. I like Toki wo Kizamu Uta (lit. A Song to Pass the Time). Although I feel that the TV Size version is the more “complete” version of the song. The TV size alone is suffice to deliver the goods plus, I think the single is the one who “readjusted” to the anime version. But then, the song is good overall, so no worries here.

Meanwhile, TORCH has a really catchy and good notes (plus, don’t forget the somewhat “dango” bouncing sounds in between haha! ^^) It suits the ED of Clannad AS really well. Her voice here resonates with the music. The song really is lively and mesmerizing. Good single. ^^

To those who are looking for downloads, you can check out the new site of AnimeScores, Chibi-Osts. Read their disclaimer first before clicking the links. Just create your account first. Enjoy. ^^


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