Lonely Road Chapter 2

Chapter II. Uphill

Oh namida, I thought even in my dreams you wouldn’t stop. Thankfully it did. But the rain outside didn’t. It’s one of those days that when I open my eyes, I thought it’s seven in the evening. It’s awfully dark outside. The clouds are pitch black, towering in the skies. Its fluffiness cannot compensate its dark intent to say that there is a storm. Or is there?

Yawn. Pray. Thanks for another day, which I consider evening. Oh God, would you believe I’m using a flashlight right now looking for my slippers. The stairs. My breakfast – without the usual glass of water. I’m having coffee for today. It’s really cold right now and I want something to warm me down. Aside from coffee, I wonder what else could make me feel warm?

10 minute bath. It’s faster than usual. It’s kind of cold now, and I do not want to be exposed in such freezing water for a long period of time. Amazing how I get so many unusual events this morning just because of the condition outside. The weather has changed so bad, even my lifestyle is affected. I can see now how the inside is affected by the outside. Inside our home, changes have been made. Inside me, have changes been made?

20 minutes until seven in this pseudo-morning, I have to go to school now. Oh man, it’s damn flooded outside. Furthermore, no transportation is available for me to commute all the way to school. I have been standing here for five minutes now.

“This is ridiculous. I’ll be late and I have quiz on my first class.”, I whispered to myself as I ran towards school. My pants are wet all over and my uniform vest is not an exception, considering my umbrella is undersized, although I do have a jacket. Rain continues to pour and I become really scared now.

“God, you promised by the rainbow. You won’t drown us again wouldn’t you?”, I anxiously asked as I approach near the gate of our schoolyard. I believe in Him.

Five minutes past seven. As expected, I arrived late. I wasn’t able to take the quiz. Great. That just strengthens my awesome mood. Thanks to all of these, I feel like trash. Is this a joke? Is someone playing on me? Fate, destiny, or are they the same? What have I done wrong?

Room 101. Room 102. Ah, finally. Room 103. Entrance. What? Are you kidding me? Is this the…? Oh my… What in the underworld happened here? As soon as my consciousness gets back to reality, I am standing in what seems to be a junkyard to me. Where did this trash, literally, came from?

Blood boils. Head aches. Insanity. Is the world turning its back against me? There are three things in this world that make me really frustrated. One is disgustingly, annoying people. Second, insufferable, unsurpassable heat. Lastly, dirty, filthy, and vile room. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But I totally despise messy rooms.

Sit. Comfy? No. Breathe. Smell? Stinks. Look around. People? Distressing. The last time I had this kind of environment is probably some 3 or 4 years ago. My parents took me to some marketplace to buy some furniture. Or was it a wet marketplace, i really can’t remember much. I have a really short term memory span. Back there, there were an unbelievable amount of people in the area. Damn, you couldn’t even drop a needle on the ground, plus the heat really is scorching! I can’t believe I was in that situation before. I don’t know how I survived such enormity.

Moments later, Patty approached. She probably noticed that I was in a really bad shape.

“Hey, what’s with that look? Are you okay?”, she asks with the marks of concern evident in her face.

“No, I’m not. And I have to tell you, this has got to be one of the worst days of my life.”, I told her. I don’t know why did I tell such a personal thing like that to her. But for some reason, I feel warmer. Not only outside, but also inside. I wonder why.

“Oh sorry. I hope I can be of help. I am your friend anyway. You know, in life, there are times like these that come our way. And God has given them to us because He knows we can handle it.”, she told me with a caring smile – a smile I haven’t seen in quite a while. A smile so dear, I feel like my problems and my frustrations are all gone.

Not only that, even Ivan approached me.

“If you have problems, you can always talk to me. I will help you in one way or another. Just not cash problems okay? It’s one thing I don’t have at the moment. Haha.”

“Really? Thanks. guys. That’s very kind of you. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because we met here, we are in this room, and because you are our classmate and we like to help you”, Ivan replied.

“Because we are your friends.”, Patty added. That reply… It was something. It’s a really big help to my emotional disturbance at the moment. That confirmation is a special one. They are my friends. Finally, friends… Before I notice it, my uniform is all dry, the rainbow sparkles at the sky, and I feel a whole lot better now. Thanks.

Will this finally be the start of the transfiguration of my ideals?

Without me knowing it, it’s already 1730 in the afternoon. Time to go home normally, but this time, with the luxury of having authentic friends packed with a whole lot of homework. Sigh. Do I really have to study all these?

Change. Dinner. TV. Homework. Oh wait, this one’s too difficult.

“I think I’ll call Patty and Ivan. Maybe they know a thing or two.”

1130 post-meridiem time. The call-conference is finally over. It really feels great. Not only did we discussed about the homework, but we also got to chat about everyday life. It was a really great experience having to share my past experiences with someone I’d like to share with. With someone I’d love to share with. Like? Love? Ahhh. Doesn’t really matter. As long as I share and they share theirs to me, I’m really grateful.

12 in the morning. Dawn. Starless sky again. It has been a great day. Plenty of downs, but a tonful worth of ups. This day is something to remember. God, thank you for making me realize that something will happen. It is finally here.

And as I close my eyes to sleep, the usual twilight rain arrives. Oh namida, I know you couldn’t stop.

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