ef ~A Tale of Melodies~ OP

This one’s entitled ebullient future by TENMON of course, featuring ELISA again (voice from euphoric field)

Somehow, the OP’s are pretty similar… ~_~ 


8 thoughts on “ef ~A Tale of Melodies~ OP

  1. You guys who haven’t played the game won’t realise just how awesome this OP is. It’ll make more sense as the series progresses…

    BTW, Here are what the words SEEM to be… It’s hard to tell b/c of the engrish >_< please, somebody fix the incorrect lines ^_^…

    Love, I got a feeling.
    If you put your trust in me.
    I know what my life would be.
    Oh, you are all I ever need.
    I tried to hear what you say…
    So I pray, while you’re fading away.
    Then why engrave my fragile heart?
    We won’t fall apart…
    Losing my honest time…
    I wandered for my discoverer…
    Only you sound like a little child.
    All the things you have in mind.
    I wish I could see your insides.
    My love, you got a feeling.
    And we both are just you and me.
    [[or {I trusted you and me?}]]
    You know what love would be…
    You will know what I believe.

  2. Oh i see. Okay, I’ll wait for the series to progress. And thanks for the lyrics, I really can’t understand it at first. Japanese english accent. Haha. n_n

  3. thats the wrong lyrics
    this is the right lyrics:

    Love, I’ve gotta feel it
    If you put your trust in me
    I know what my life would be
    Oh, you are all I ever need
    I try to hear what you say
    So I pray, but you’re fading away
    Don’t go and break my fragile heart
    We won’t fall apart
    ‘Cause you my only star
    I wonder why my tears come at night
    Calling you, so like a little child
    All the thing you had in mind
    I wish I could see your insides
    My love, you’ve gotta feel it
    And if we put our trust in you and me
    You know what our lives would be
    You are the one I believe

    You can see where you could have heard it wrong (except for the 9th line, where did that come from???)

  4. ^
    I didnt understand it at first either but i slowed the song down and listened to it carefully and its really good and no offense but it makes more sense than your version

    PS WASSUP?!?!?!?! >u<

  5. ^
    also its called ebullient future (it says so above)

    you can see the video on youtube!!!

  6. there’s also a Japanese version for this song. and it comes with [in the single] another song, “Pray.”

    I’ve been watching the ef series since the first season, and I must say the second cour heavier in terms of drama and issues tackled. ^ ^

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