How crazy fans can be about Clannad?

To refresh of your memories, we would like to see these two ORIGINAL Clannad OPs (1 for each season) :

Season 1.

Season 2. (This is the irrelevant one – considering the music of the OP. However, the video is still somewhat related)

AND NOW. To show you a compilation of what the others (not me) have done with the Clannad OP Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ :

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (arguably the best of ’em all)

Lucky Star



Shakugan no Shana

NOW, you decide. n_n How crazy fans can get?


4 thoughts on “How crazy fans can be about Clannad?

  1. fans DESERVE to be crazy. Clannad is the shit. The Haruhi and Lucky Star ones are ridiculously well done. Although i like the Shana one slightly better than both…Shalannad…lol…

  2. hahaha. yeah. Clannad-ism is so popular. It’s the thing right here! Hahaha.

  3. The Lucky Star ver. sucks for me. The HZ ver RAWKZ!

  4. The Inuyasha version has not much of a format, as compared to the others. Yeah, the Haruhi version really looks like the Clannad original version. XD The editor did a really good job. XD

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