Why is it that when I watch Byousoku 5 cm again, I still get that shivers? Is it really that good that I still feel the same emotions I felt the first time I watched it? Or is it because of the song and the message it wants to convey? Or both? Or is it just me and my past? Argh…. It’s so beautiful…

Am I just pretending that everything finally ends well and that it’s ok?

And I’ll always be searching for your figure to appear somewhere, though I STILL know you can’t possibly be there………


3 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. You’re totally right, I think those could definitely be considered insert songs. I didn’t really think of it though.

  2. ehehe, I know what you mean… watching it in pure 720p [I’m a quality freak… the clearer the better] it always grabs me..

    It does leave me with a sense of distraught feelings for how it ended [Episode 3] but thats just the reality, thats as real as it could’ve been.

    Wonderful stuff.

  3. yeah, since the animation is topnotch, 11/10! high-quality sure gives my eye something to gaze on…

    and yeah, the truth hurts… (^_^)v

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