Blue Vibration/Kaze no Kioku

The new single debut album of Aimmy will release September 24 (I think) entitled Blue Vibration/Kaze to Kioku ~To The End of the World~. Check it out. n_n

Also, released is the new PV for ブルーバイブレーション (Blue Vibration). Those moves, looks, in guitar strums Manami. O.o You’re awesome! n_n


4 thoughts on “Blue Vibration/Kaze no Kioku

  1. Where can you get this singles?

  2. Well, you can order online from CD Japan. That’s the only reliable source I have now outside Japan.

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  4. Rabbit? You mean in the PV. Haha. Yeah, I really this debut single, especially Kaze no Kioku. Plus, Blue Vibration has a catchy note. Haha. n_n

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