A Battle of Wits: Spice and Wolf

September 8, 2008 [22:08:20]

A battle of wits it really is. Spice and Wolf is an incredible series unified by the theme of trading and the life of a merchant in the early days.

At first, I thought that it would really be a boring series since I really have no interest in marketing and that the idea of century-old scenario is not actually my type. But watching the first two episodes really make you want to watch the whole series! Every final minutes of the episode would really make you want to watch the next episode even more.

It is really a light series, with some serious intonations. There will be times that you will really feel frightened, anxious, relieved, and more times, happy. The storyline will oftentimes make you think, wonder, and be amazed at the concepts of trading that time. This is a good series to watch especially if you think you are being eaten by stress at the moment (like I do). Haha.

The voice acting are really good and you can really feel the emotions. The character development are quite nice and the fact that they have not placed many characters in it, it really is a plus. However, I felt that the animation is not top notch, though they are good and quite impressive, not to mention the very cute appearance of Horo. However, the BGMs are really good. Plus, this is the only series that I have watched in FULL, meaning, I have watched the full OP and ED each and everytime! Why? Because, the OP and ED are really, really, really good. I was thinking that the OP, Tabi no Tochuu, is probably the best OP/ED in anime. Really fantastic, I really love the song. The ED, The Wolf Whistling Song, will really make you smile as you listen to it. Really lively and really cute! ^-^

A huge setback is definitely the ending of the anime. What the heck? It ended right there? In an anime critique’s standpoint, it didn’t even end. What a cliff hanger. Errr. Will there be a Season 2? I don’t know really. But I was really hoping. Because BOTH of their hopes were not realized in the end.

Nevertheless, Spice and Wolf has exceeded the least of my expectations, and then more. An 8.6 rating is suitable and really, this is a good find and an impressive anime series. ^-^


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