I Love My Wallpaper Now n_n

Byousoku 5 cm

Byousoku 5 cm

Read my Byousoku 5 cm Review below. n_n

EDIT: How good is Byousoku 5 cm? Well, in 2 days time, i have watched it fully 3 times and have watched episode 3 (my favorite part) 8 times. n_n It’s really, really worth it. Again, Shinkai Makoto is a genius!

4 thoughts on “I Love My Wallpaper Now n_n

  1. 8D My cousin’s been trying to make me watch that since she discovered it! …Sadly, I haven’t, cos I’m too lazy to wait for the video to load. I hope to watch it soon–unless divine intervention comes in.

  2. You really should watch this really, really soon. Even divine intervention will tell you to do so.

  3. can you tell me where you got your background from? I had it ages ago seeing this makes me nostalgic (about what though, i’m not quite sure) but I can’t find it on my computer anymore or on google.
    ^_^ thanks

    • Apparently, this one’s from Yahoo Japan’s 5cm website, where there are loads of wallpapers from 5cm/sec, Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place, and Voices of a Distant Star. It’s a great site. Check it out!

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