The Place of Happiness: A Short Review on ef ~A Tale of Memories~

ef ~A Tale of Memories~ Introduction

07:51:10 PM

17 Aug 08

ef ~A Tale of Memories~

Euphoric Field – The place of happiness. A Tale of Memories revolves around a wish. Something everyone must have. And that in order to reach that, we must attach these wishes to the memories that we don’t want to forget.

A Tale of Memories is one of the best drama anime out there presented in its very own unique way. The story is told in 3 perspectives each having different scenarios from the other (actually, it was 4 – this fourth one is continually being inserted in some episodes while it was put to an end in the final seconds of the anime). Being unique means being presented in a really “psychological” way which will really make you think, “Why is it this way?”

To “not-fans” of slice of life-drama anime, this anime is a MUST NOT HAVE. I repeat – A MUST NOT HAVE. It contains heavy drama all throughout the story and an episode will most likely end the way it started – conversations that will unfold a character’s life. No action, no comedy inserts (unlike Clannad), and certainly, no fanservice. Everything has a connection with everything.

Though at first, the story is a bit confusing and there are MANY parts of the story that you wouldn’t understand by just watching it the first time – so rewatchability of the series is really high, as it will unfold unclear memories.

There were quite a lot of memories that I do not want to forget about the series, but the thing is that they are too many and this series really has reached the limits of a good bitter-sweet anime (although yes, it was a good ending! n_n).

Overall, ef ~A Tale of Memories~ deserves a rating of 9.5 for me. I’m just a sucker for good plots and storylines. The story will really keep you thinking “what will happen next”, or “damn, how come that didn’t happen?”, and with some twists and turns with the story. Sadly enough, I was able to relate to it again.

ef ~A Tale of Melodies~

Season 2 Announcement

Official Website

Promotional Video [Streaming]

And now, I have the answer why, after all these years, I can’t seem to find a way to forget you.




I do not want to


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