Confirmation for Aimmy

Taken from Tokyograph (Natalie news):

Manami, the vocalist of pop band Jyukai, is officially starting solo activities under the name of Aimmy (derived from a variation on the reading of her name). She plans to release her first single, currently untitled, at the end of September.

The single will include the song “Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~,” which she sang as the ending theme to the “World Destruction” anime series that started last month.

Finally, a date when the single will be released. I can’t wait! Waiting for the end of September is like waiting for eternity. Gawd… I’m so excited… n_n

Here’s the World Destruction ED: Kaze no Kioku by Aimmy. n_n

3 thoughts on “Confirmation for Aimmy

  1. I freaking love this song!!!! and i’m a big fan of world destruction tooo!!!

  2. yeah, actually, I love all Jyukai songs! Unfortunately, I haven’t heard the full version of Kaze no Kioku yet. >.<

  3. Nuuu, what’s happened to jyukai O_O manami she looks more like a punk girl than an elegant one now..why? I love Jyukai, especially their soft songs T_T with her being like that…It just, it doesn’t work anymore…just why? WHY? T_T *sob*

    I know, they’ve also included some soft songs like Kaze no Kioku, what bother me is just her appearance.y know. But I’ll be still supporting her anyway..

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