Sola – A Review

Sola – Nomad Animation Productions
11:10:20 PM; August 8, 2008

-Bit of info – The title, Sola, is close in pronunciation to the Japanese word sora (? lit. “sky”), and homophonic to the Spanish word sola, meaning “alone”. At the end of 2007, Japanese anime fans voted Sola as the best anime of the year. -wiki

Confusion, and then clearance. Clear as the blue sky. Yes, the sky.

Although the sky is one thing that can be noted upon when I thought of Sola, I can still remember the mixed emotions (again?) that I got after watching the series fully.

The first episode gave me a really good impression of a boy-meets-girl under some sort of scenario which they do not hold. And then later, their lives would be intertwined so that the two will be together for an unknown force that will hold them. This unknown force shall I name Anime Force of Togetherness. This law states that if the boy meets the girl at the first episode, then so shall they be until the very end. However, this law exists in many forms, and the anime Sola has presented one in a unique way.

Going back to the plot, like what I said, the story was a little slow to develop in the first three episodes, but then everything cleared up starting from the fourth episode. A lot of mysteries arises and puzzles yet to be solved which lets you have something really to think about. Consequently, this makes you want to watch the next episode, so did I, as I sat here in my bed, staring at the monitor of my computer for more than 4 hours straight. Come to think of it, I haven’t had dinner yet. >.< Anyway, it’s well worth it.

After all the questions and mysteries have been put up, episode 9 gives us a daring end to one of those mysteries ( which I will not mention so that I will not be A TOTAL SPOILER XD ). However, as the story dwelves deeper in the next 3 episodes, it still hasn’t reached its climax yet (although at some point in time, you sure would’ve felt that the series can be over NOW, in which case would’ve made me a happier viewer than what has taken place). Anyway (again, sorry for rants.. can’t be helped), the series almost killed itself in these episodes as I began to ask too many a questions that the story has been a mix of water and oil – assuming that the water is the story plot of Sola (as seen in the previous episodes), while the oil is the story plot of episodes 9 to 12. It just didn’t mix very well, and I ended up asking myself, is this anime going to be a disappointment after all? I felt like amazed, in a non-positive way, that it had to be something like this (you’ll see why; or if you’ve watched it, you know why don’t ya?).

I get the point of what it was trying to tell us, but putting it in that way makes me feel like the Sola I’ve watched from the start, is a very different one from the Sola at that point in time. For me, yes, it was a mess.

Then came the last episode, where a new form, say alcohol, has mixed along with the water and the oil. It completely erased what had happened back then and the least that it can do is to remain its characters which leapt through time. A few more explanations to the mysteries have been resolved and all that’s left for me now, are the mysteries of Yorito, Aono, and Matsuri’s past, which for me, is very unclear (or is it clear? i didn’t understand it much. it’s kind of misleading and really confusing, as they are joining the confusing present and the much more confusing past : therefore, Confusing + Confusing = 2 x Confusing.. Okay, that’s bad!) But anyway, it left a good impression overall.

The characters were drawn beautifully and the voices were dubbed masterfully, taking all the emotions into account. The story is a mediocre, but judging by the way it was meant to be and not the way it was presented, I’ll say it’s really great. The musical scores were also great, as well as the insert songs (especially the first episode intro, which will also be heard in one later episode at an incredibly amazing entry which really made me cry a lot), and the background music. Rewatchability is quite high and I think you should watch it again to clear up some misunderstandings and probably to realize some Oh, so that’s why parts of the story.

So in the end, the Anime Force of Togetherness was presented in a way that existence may or may not play a role in this law – which really presented the law in an even larger scale – which also made it more vague. There is still more to be known about this Anime Force of Togetherness.

Overall, I’ll probably rate sola a 9 over a possible rating of 10. Compared to Myself; Youself[9.5], Clannad[9.6], and H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~[9.2], Sola is just a little below these titles (in my point of view). [Another P.S. I have re-rated the other anime that I have watched as shown above. My past ratings were too subjective as I got really carried away with too many emotions <– see the impact of anime? Hahaha..] While the presentation of the thesis was a little confusing, the other elements did its job to say that this anime is not a disappointment. In fact, it was a good one. [And oh, sola means sky n_n]

As for my favorite quote for the anime, you may read it in my blog entry below (the previous entry).

Arigatou and I hope you watch Sola. n_n

As for the explanation of the quote which I have written down on my previous post:

“The sky is present here. I found it in Yorito’s. . .

For me, I see this as the first time that seriously enough, Matsuri confessed to us the she was, after all, in love with Yorito. She said that the sky was present there, and that it was with Yorito’s what? It was intentionally cut there to masterfully say that it was not in any of Yorito’s possessions because it was precisely Yorito himself, who is the sky which Matsuri found.

Sky? Yorito is not a sky. Yes, but haven’t you thought that the blue sky is one thing that Matsuri haven’t seen in such a great while (about 400 years) ? . . . Which also means that it was also love which she had not found in that great span of time. So in those very few words, Matsuri conveyed to us, that even though they shouldn’t be existing in that world in the first place, love will still conquer all and explain everything. [Okay, those last words were reaaaaaaaaaaally cheesy. But hey, its true.] n_n


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