Realizations from Sola

Sola Banner Before Airing Last April 6, 2007

Sola Banner Before Airing Last April 6, 2007

“I most probably knew it. That Matsuri left for good. That she may not be coming back. But if I ended up thinking like that, I thought I’d never see her again. That’s what I felt. So I went to the place we met, and the places we went together, ” – Yorito

Come to think of it, I haven’t gone yet to the only place that we’ve met. Maybe I’ll go there someday.


For the first three episodes of Sola, I thought that it was a little slow-paced and I get a little bored admittedly. But came the fourth episode and it regained by excitement in continuing to watch Sola, especially those time where I can relate the most (precisely the reason why I watch anime). The flow of the story goes smoothly from there, although there are still some gray area which I’m hoping to be cleared out soon enough.

Well, hoping to finish this really soon and I hope the ending is not a disappointment. n_n

“The sky is present here. I found it in Yorito’s. . .” – Matsuri [amazing interpretation to this line coming soon. n_n]

EDIT: Hmmm.. This series is beginning to be really disturbing, especially the 7th episode. I’m so confused. T_T. Hope I get the explanations fast.


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