Lateral Puzzles

I have compiled and some and try to answer as many as you can. n_n. I enjoyed answering them actually. Haha. (Except for the ones that really doesn’t make sense at all)

1. The Shams were going to the Broadway hit “Till Death Do Us Part”. The play didn’t start for another 30 minutes, and they needed to take a 40 minute drive to get to it. They finally reached, and being late, were let in through the side door and directed to their places in the dark theater. Less than 15 minutes into the play, as if Mr. Sham had completely lost control, he slipped a nylon rope around Mrs. Sham’s neck and began strangling her. She put up a fierce but silent struggle as Mr. Sham pulled the cord tighter and tighter, until she finally slumped to the floor. Although the theatre was full and many people were horrified by Mr. Sham’s actions, nobody dared to interfere. Why not?

2. When World War I had just started, many of the fighting men wore only cloth caps. As the number of head injuries rose alarmingly high, metal helmets eventually replaced the cloth hats. Ironically, after issuing metal helmets, the number of head injuries was even higher. Since the fighting intensity remained constant, how can this strange phenomenon be explained?

3. Sid Shady’s going to try to smuggle the stolen paintings out of the country tonight. How he’s going to do it is anybody’s guess, but suspect anything.” stated Detective Shadow to the assembled security. “We all know what the Mona Lisa looks like, and that is, of course, the one painting we must have safely returned.”
That night Detective Shadow was contacted by airport officials, saying that they had caught a disguised Shady attempting to board a plane.
“He used his regular passport,” said the guard, “and he almost slipped through. He was wearing a wig, a phony mustache, and he even sported a deep dark tan. He also had the Mona Lisa. It was rolled up with a bunch of architectural drawings. Get this, he still claims he’s innocent and that we can’t hold him. Do you belive this guy?”
“He’s right,” said Shadow, “we can’t hold him.”
Why not? (This is a good one)

4. A man walks down a street, pushing a top-hat with his finger. He walks into a hotel and gives the hotel owner $1000, exits, then continues walking down the street. What’s going on?

5. A man walks into a washroom. He pulls out a gun and shoots himself right between the eyes, yet he does not die nor suffer any injury…. how is this possible?

6. How come 1MB = 1024 Kb instead of 1000Kb? (Haha. Lol)

7. One rainy day, a midget walks into the elevator of his apartment building. His apartment is on the tenth floor, and he takes it all the way there. The next day, the puddles have cleared, and the same midget walks into the elevator. But this time he takes it only to the fifth floor and takes the stairs the rest of the way up. Why?

8. A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water. Wordlessly, the bartender pulls out a gun and points it at the man, then puts it away after a few seconds. The man thanks the bartender and leaves, feeling much better. What’s going on here?

9. There’s an old lady sitting in her house who’s deeply engulfed into her murder novel. About 1 page to the end, there is a blackout. The blackout lasts for approximately 5 minutes, but by the time the lights come back on, the old lady already knows the ending. If she had not communicated with anybody, how does she know?

10. You’re faced with a bridge.The bridge takes 30 mins to walk across.There is a sleeping giant in the middle of the bridge.The giant guards the bridge and does not let anyone cross it.The giant wakes up every 15 minutes, to check the bridge status. If the giant catches you on the bridge, he will pick you up and toss you back where you came from.
How are you gonna cross the bridge?
There’s a river under the bridge and no you can’t swim across it.. cause theres pirahnas and sharks and whatever else.. and no you cant feed the giant any sleeping pills or KO pills or whatever.. You cannot run across the bridge because that will wake up the giant. (This is a really good one. ^_^)

11. A man died and went to heaven. There, he saw millions of people who were all naked and looked as they did when they were 21. Looking around to see if there were anybody he recognized, he saw a couple and knew immediately that it was Adam and Eve. How did he know? (Another good one.)

12. A man goes into a hardware store and says to the clerk “I need 1” and the clerk charges 25 cents.
Afterward, a little girl goes in later and says “gimme 3” and the clerk charges 25 cents.
Later, a little boy walks in later and says “I need 12” and the clerk charges 50 cents.
Right before the store closes, A woman walks in and says “you know what? I’m going to need 112” and the clerk charges 75 cents…

What is it that they’re buying?

13. What goes around the world yet always stay in a corner?

14. There are two rooms, room A, and room B. In room A there are three light switches. In room B there are three lights. There is a door between
the two rooms.

Each switch in room A is wired to a different light in room B. When one flicks a switch in room A, a light bulb turns on in room B. While in room A, one can see no light coming from room B. (For the sake of argument lets say even if the door was open)

Explain how to deterimine which light is wired to which switch, if I start in room A, and then go into room B only once. (THIS ONE’S REALLY REALLY GOOD.)

15. The dead person was found alone by the police hanging from a rope tied to a chandelier in the center a of a large room, far from any walls. The person’s feet were well off the ground and a stepladder was brought in to cut the body down. The only door was locked from the inside (the police had to break it down) and there were no windows or any other way to get in or out of the room. In addition, the room was entirely empty. There was nothing in it except a large puddle of water under the body. It was finally ruled a suicide, but how did the person do it?

16. There’s a boat out in the middle of a lake. There’s a rope ladder hanging over the side of the boat. It has five rungs, each of which are about ten inches apart from the next. The ladder is hanging so that the second rung is just above the surface of the water. The lake is rising at about an inch every ten minutes. How long until the water reaches the third rung?

17. On your front are two diverged roads: one is a route leading to the truth village where everyone speaks of nothing but the truth while the other road leads to the false village where everyone speaks of lies. In front is also a man, whom you don’t know which village is he from. If you are to ask that man ONLY ONE Yes-Or-No Question, what would you ask of him to know which way leads to the false or the truth village?

18. In a hotel, a group of detectives and police found a dead body inside a room lying in a bed with a gunfire on his head. Beside it was a tape recorder with a cassette inside. As soon as one of the detectives grab hold of the tape recorder, he immediately played it, and it sounded like, “My life is of no purpose. I want to die…” After hearing those words, he then asked one of the dead man’s relatives if that really is his voice, and the relative confirmed. The detective then said that it really was a murder. How can he conclude that it was not suicide?

19. There are 12 boxes each containing a coin. There are a total of 11 pennies and 1 other coin in the boxes. You have a balance scale for comparing the weight of the boxes in which you can put any number of boxes on each side. You have at most, three weighings. In these three weighings you must find out which of the 12 boxes has the coin that is not a penny.

20. Whilst in a balloon floating stationary off the coast of france, I dropped two wine bottles over the side. If one was empty and the other full, which hit the ground first?


Click for larger view

Click for larger view

22. What is the product (ie. Multiplying all the numbers together) of the following series: (x-a),(x-b),(x-c),…..(x-z)?

23. There are 10 socks of each of the following colors in a drawer: blue, green, red, yellow & white, for a total of 50 socks. If the socks are randomly distributed in the drawer (i.e. not in pairs or any other grouping), & you are blindfolded, what is the minimum number socks you must draw from the drawer in order to be certain you have at least 2 socks of the same color?

24. If none of the following statements are true, who can we conclude broke the vase?

Mike: Sally broke the vase.

Tom: Mike will tell you who broke the vase.

April: Tom, Mike & I could not have broken the vase.

Chris: I did not break the vase.

Erik: Mike broke the vase, so Tom & April couldn’t have.

Jim: I broke the vase, so Tom is innocent.

Enjoy. n_n


9 thoughts on “Lateral Puzzles

  1. =O These are awesome!
    You don’t have the answers by any chance now, do you???

  2. I have them of course. I wouldn’t be putting this up had I not known the answers after all. Haha. So, you need some? Haha. n_n

  3. Yes…. Yes I do…
    I think i got most of them, but the only ones I know for sure are 8, 14 (I’ve heard that one before), and 15! =)

  4. I can send to your mail some answers and explanations for some questions but only probably 2 at a time. I’ll give you time to answer some of it because some really requires critical thinking haha. So which 2 will it be? Another 2 problems I will answer probably tomorrow. Haha.

  5. Here are two answers from me:
    5. It’s a water gun!
    7. The midget is short. If it’s raining, other people can press the buttons for him or he could use his umbrella. Otherwise he’s not tall enough to press the number of the floor he wants to go to.

    #s 3 and 10 are really grating my brain nerves~~!
    && my email is =)

  6. -like 3 months later….-
    i cant solve #18! HELP ME OUT HERE!

  7. Ahahaha. I can’t believe you’re still solving those stuff. Well, as you can see, since it was proven that it was the victim’s voice, he can’t have possibly stopped and “rewinded” the cassette tape by himself, ne? It means that “someone” must have done that for him. . . ^^

  8. AAAAAAAAAH! dang. i assumed that relative that confirmed the voice was arrested for murder and i was sooooo lost =S! ah well. #12?

  9. Ah this one’s rather easy. They are buying the “number” itself. e.g. 1 digit = 25cents. Hence, numbers 0~9 are worth 25 cents, 10~99 are worth 50 cents, 100~999 are worth 75 cents and so on. (^_^)v

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