Jyukai Anime Expo 2008 Concert

Have browsed elsewhere and have found this.


Apparently, the people taking the video are also Filipino >.< (Judging by the language of their comments. T_T. Holy cow! How I wish I was there. I’d really do anything to be in their next concert and to buy their 2 album, Wild Flower and Harvest. Damn. . .

5 thoughts on “Jyukai Anime Expo 2008 Concert

  1. Haha, that was an awesome concert!~

    It’s too bad you weren’t there. D: I can tell you really like jyukai, so it sucks that you weren’t able to go. But at least you have the videos!~

    Also, thank you for commenting on my incredibly underground blog! ;D

  2. You bet how I feel really bad because I don’t have the means YET to go anywhere I want. >.<
    Oh btw, since I’ve been commenting on so many blogs, could you tell which one is yours? Haha. Thanks a bunch. n_n

    EDIT: oh yeah, I remember your blog. It’s the theavidotaku. Haha. Sorry.

  3. Yes, that one. 😀

    And don’t worry!~ I’m sure you’ll get to see jyukai somehow, somewhere, sometime. 😛

  4. Yeah. That’s what I optimistically think too! Haha. n_n

  5. Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Greets.

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