Of Guidance Tests

Yesterday, I took my late guidance test and I could still remember how it was so similar with the last one we had about one and a half year ago, here in our same school. Apparently, they still haven’t told us the result of that test. Yes, we do know that you have kept it confidential but you shouldn’t also keep it a secret to us you know. It might be for the betterment of ourselves since we have some traits that other people see in us and yet we don’t know (Johari window). Anyway, I was just carried away with the test and it took me the whole hour and a half to finish it (although some were finished just 15 minutes after the start of the test).

It’s not some sort of intellectual test or something. It’s just 5 consecutive pictures will be shown and that you will write a story for each of the pictures – what happened, what is happening, and what you think will happen next. You may link the pictures with each other or think of stories separately. So what I have done is that I linked all the pictures up, and these were what was seen in those pictures:

  • Picture 1: A mid-aged lady looking at a mid-aged guy with the face of the lady looking like sad or sorrow or something while the guy intents not to look at the lady.
  • Picture 2: A man and a woman somewhat hugging each other at around the age of 50s and somewhat looking intimately at each other.
  • Picture 3: A lady, somewhat unconscious lying in a bed while a guy was standing beside the bed, not facing the lady and looking really depressed and full of regrets.
  • Picture 4: A nature scene consisting of a river, a rainforest, and a boat with no one in the picture.
  • Picture 5: A very dark room where the silhouette of the window, of the night sky, and a man looking outside the window are the only things that can be seen.

So, here’s how my full story goes:

Alita and Juanito have always loved each other since they were married. They were gifted with three beautiful children and they have been together for almost a decade now. It has always been a stereotype that a married man is more prone to be with someone else than a married woman, but this time, that scenario is reversed. There was this one particular day when Juanito found out that Alita was going on a date with a friend of hers constantly, without him knowing it. Juanito at first didn’t believe, but he couldn’t stand it much longer. So everytime Alita goes out for “shopping”, Juanito would follow her. Unfortunately, Juanito found out the reality that Alita was indeed going out with someone else.

So as Alita arrived back home, she was in for a shock. Juanito told her what he had seen and Alita was still speechless. Suddenly, continuous lies flowed out of Alita’s mouth just to escape that situation, but Juanito wouldn’t believe any of it. As a result, Juanito brought their kids back to the province and left Alita alone.

But love does not die that easily. After six months of reconciliation, explanation, and forgiveness, they became together again under a single roof together with their family, happy and unworried, as if nothing had happened.

Even after many years of being together, their love has not vanished at all. In fact, it grew exponentially, if it were. Their kids have become adults with decent and stable jobs while their eldest already has his own family.

But tragedy came when Alita was struck with a very rare disease that paralyzed half of his body and was rendered motionless for the rest of her life. Juanito would feel so helpless and he would mourn day and night because he could do nothing to alleviate any of Alita’s suffering. All he can do is just pray that one day, all those pain would be gone but he know that it would be an impossible ideal. He would be by her side for almost the whole day and tell her stories outside her room, because Alita loves hearing stories and that she doesn’t have any idea of the world anymore. It has always been that way and Juanito has been in equal pain with Alita.

Juanito could even remember the last book he read from Paulo Coelho. Back in high school, he had finished reading all of Coelho’s works except one, By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept. He had become busier by the day since coming to college and could not find a time for himself and for his reading habits. Eventually, he would miss reading the book even after graduation and applying for a job. He thought to himself how busy he was, so he went on a 2-week vacation to take a break and to feel the world.

In his vacation somewhere in Northern Asia, she met someone and eventually became friends with her in such a short period of time. After the vacation, they promised to themselves that they would see each other again someday. With such a sign of relief and happiness, Juanito returned to the same place annually for five years, but she would not return.

Finally, on the sixth year of his return, they met again and she explained to him that she had been busy too. They eventually started dating and married each other after some time. The name of the girl is Alita.

After their first anniversary, Alita brought Juanito the book that he have not yet read – By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept. As Juanito reads the first few chapters, he later realizes that the contents of the book were exactly what had happened to him since the vacation. What he has been longing to read and what he has experienced is of the same fate. Amazed as he was, he just smiled and gave thanks.

Going back to the present, Alita died. Juanito could not accept the fact that even though Alita is in a higher place right now, she no longer is with him. Juanito could only cry. He would consult with his priest friend and the counselling did a really great job as we was able to recover from the tragedy really fast.

Every night, he would still visit Alita’s room with the lights closed and all is too dark for anyone to see. This is because as what he can still remember, it was only during that scenario that he could not visibly see the pain and suffering Alita had endured.


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