Fifa 09 Pix

Waiting obviously for this one to arrive. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Taken from Fifa 09 official website from Electronic Arts.

Needless to say… Visuals are absolutely at the high-end of gaming experience.


2 thoughts on “Fifa 09 Pix

  1. Winning Eleven (Pro Evo) >>>>>> FIFA

    WE owned FIFA, completely and thoroughly… ;p

    lol, no… but seriously, if you prefer gameplay than go play WE. FIFA was made by EA, no wonder that they got the money to buy the license for all the clubs and players in the world, some also argue that they got better graphic (this one is totally arguable, to me, WE got better graphic), but gameplay-wise, WE/PES is so much better, you can check early FIFA game in PSX, and see how since PS2 era, their games are slowly but steadily copying WE’s elements….

    Well, completely your choice, though.

  2. yeah, actually, a friend of mine noted me on this – that Winning Eleven is definitely better than FIFA series and that I’d enjoy it more than the EA Sports brand. Haha.

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