Clannad 24: Another World – Tomoyo’s Arc

I will not deal on the screenshots or something or some summary of some sort. It would certainly be better if YOU WOULD WATCH IT. IT’S NO SENSE LOOKING AT SOME SUMMARY OR REVIEW. IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HEART WANTS TO SAY, YOU HAVE TO APPROACH IT. SENSITIVITY. Guess that’s what the episode means, and oh my, does it struck me like a lightning bolt.

I’m just hear to shout my heart out after I have watched the episode. First off, this has got to be the best Clannad episode I have watched in the 24-episode phenomenal series that it is. Tomoyo’s arc is certainly better than Nagisa’s. It would’ve been better if it was explored more than that of Nagisa’s. But I guess I understand the fact that Nagisa’s arc contains the other world where wishes come true. But certainly, Nagisa’s arc wasn’t as romantic and as lovely as this!! They’re a perfect pair. Amazing how 24 minutes can contain a lot… [I don’t know if I will still hear the crying voice of Tomoyo again. So lovely and heart-warming…]

But watching at the first episode makes me just want to shout this with all my strength and all my heart:


Maybe we are miles away, time lapses have separated me from you, but Tomoyo does not regard any of it, even after finishing school and achieving her life-long dream of preserving the sakura trees, she still prompted to be with Tomoya. Because, being with the one you love is “a place much higher than what the teachers or any tests will give. It is something you value more than anything”.

But alas, that is the anime world. We live in a non-ideal reality where our hearts are not always our guide to what will happen. But I’m sure if you put much effort to it, then you can achieve what the heart longed for. Life sure is hard. But it’s even harder if you want it to put things your own way. So by separation (and I mean separation) I guess… That’s the way it should be… Acceptance? I have accepted that. Guilt? Not really. I guess I’ll just remember that someday, I dated a great person like you.

So, until then…

It was long. A goal that I wouldn’t yield over. It’s finally been realized. But I lost something in return. I should have been with the person I loved. I love you. Even now, I love you more than before.


12 thoughts on “Clannad 24: Another World – Tomoyo’s Arc

  1. OMG. i’m so glad i’m not the only one who like SERIOUSLY LOVED this episode!
    the way the emotions were expressed in tomoyo arc… omg q_q *goes all fangirl obsessed mode xD*

  2. Super Agree. As seen in my post. ^^,.. Haha.. I can’t believe it’s that beautiful. Probably one of the best endings an anime could ever have. What’s the title of that insert song again? As soon as it started playing, tears overflow from my eyes down to my face. OMG it’s so dramatic… That scene.. Really means a lot… Wish something like that could happen to me as well LOL. hahaha.. ^^,

  3. This episode was so awesome. This is the first time I’ve ever cried for something i watched, I never thought it cud happen to me. I tried to tell myself “ur a man, men don’t cry” but it didn’t work. This episode was the best drama anime I’ve ever seen!!!

  4. Oh, but as as the cliche goes, boys don’t cry, but men do. If you hadn’t cried in this special episode, you would’ve had a stone heart! This episode, along with the series, is definitely one of the most romantic/dramatic series ever made. Cheers to Key for the story and KyoAni for the wonderful animation.^^,

  5. Weird… I actually didn’t cry… even though i cried (a bit) when Tomoya confessed to Nagisa, or at the end of Fuko and Kotomi arcs… or at Fate/Stay Night ending, or at some chapters in One Piece manga…

    Whoa, i’m actually quite a crybaby…lulz..

    Well, it’s a great episode nonetheless… Totally different to the other 23 episodes, and the nuances of the differences are made clear from the very first scene of the episode, I’ve seen some Tomoya’s side i never known before, and i get to like Tomoyo a lot better!! still second to Nagisa for my fave chara, though…

    It takes time for the story to sunk in… and it was kinda bittersweet drama (what a cliche word i used). Maybe if the arc was explored more into several episodes, it’ll become much more awesome…

    Agghh, this made me want to play Tomoyo After… (is this the goal of the episode?! to make people buy the Tomoyo After?! Damn those people).

    PS: The train analogy where Tomoya is seemingly stuck kinda remind me of Byousoku 5 cm… Damn, if only the same thing could happen to Tohno and Akari too…

  6. It is in F/SN that i haven’t cried in the ending, but I was moved a lot. The story is amazing. I also cried at the end of Fuko arc and Kotomi arc naturally, these were the most touching scenes of the series. Yeah, I’m a sucker at anime too. >.<

    Let’s just read Tomoyo After ~Dear Shining Memories~ as of now, if they don’t decide to animate Tomoyo After since ~After Story~ will be next. I really liked Tomoyo’s arc, and no wonder the producers did too! Heck, they made an OVA just for her!

    BTW, Is 5 Centimeters per Second good? Haven’t watched it yet, but I have read a lot of good reviews about it. It’s just a single movie episode right? Thanks for the comment. n_n

  7. F/SN ending was kind of a heartbreaker… The scene where Saber laid under the tree on her deathbed, than she slowly close her eyes as the music kick in… It was just a bit overwhelming for me. And then the director decide to show the Lion plushie that she bought with Shirou at the end of the credit, how can i not cry ??!! The ending in the game still kinda threw me sobbing too… lol.

    As for Tomoyo’s own TV series… I don’t think they’ll make one. KyoAni is not such a grand company, they even got many anime in the waiting list to be produced… Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star OVA, After Story, Little Buster (seeing the trend, i dare to believe that it’s in their agenda), and Full Metal Panic (Crossing my finger). I do got a hunch that they might put a single episode like this one in the ~After Story~, but not sure myself because ~After Story~ was quite tragic and have serious tone inside it, to suddenly change the last episode into “another world”, i think it might threw some fans off guard…lol.

    Byousoku 5 Cm? It’s the best thing since sliced bread… lol. nah, but it was a great anime… it was sweet, deep and has many meaning and interpretation in it… For me, it’s like reading a book, because it has a lot of intrinsic value and meaning. Even though you don’t get to like the story, The animation in it’s own is enough to enthralled you.. It’s Makoto Shinkai after all. I just think that this movie is genius, because the story on it’s own, for me, it should be very boring, but the way Shinkai made the story and each scene flow, i was actually finding 1 hour to be really short… You just got to watch this, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Yeah, I super love Fate/Stay Night. It is the ultimate anime that made me realize about how wonderful anime and Jpop is (the time I learned about Jyukai). Oh the lion plushie, wish I had one of those. F/SN really has a tragic ending and plot which makes it really lovable and memorable. No wonder it’s one of the highest ranked anime here.

    As for the Clannad ~After Story~, I’m not quite sure if it’ll be enjoyable if they put TOO MUCH seriousness and stuff like that there. A little comedy might do the trick so as to entertain too as much as Clannad did. WIll be waiting for that series nevertheless.

    Okay, since you recommended it badly, I’ll put it in my watch list. I have more that I wanted to see so soon but can’t find a time because I’m super busy at the moment. Included in my watch list for now are: sola, ~ef~ A Tale of Memories, Spice and Wolf, Spirited Away, Spiral, True Tears, and eventually, 5 cm/sec. Thanks by the way. n_n

  9. i also haven’t watch Sola… XD, also kinda busy recently, but how come you haven’t watched Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi ?? it’s still on your watch list??!! hurry and watch it.. it’s not the best anime for sure, but it is culturally educating, and a pleasure to watch… it’s the first anime to be awarded at Academy Award after all…

    If you like F/SN anime, then you got to play the game, many people who play the game commented the anime being a let down. It is based on Fate route, the shortest route in the game. You should really try playing the game… it’s worth it, trust me. Well, this assuming you’re over 18 of course.

    After Story anime, it should still have some comedy, it’s KyoAni’s product after all, but in case you’re not familiar with Key’s games, they definitely love to reduced their audience to tears. Kanon and AIR, it was definitely game/anime that’ll whet your eyes… as for CLANNAD, it is in the After Story…

  10. Yeah, I’ll make sure I’ll watch Spirited Away really soon. I’ll cope with my anime watching this next week since my sked’s not really loaded.
    Also, I don’t have the means to play the games-that-became-anime, because it’s really hard to find it here (I don’t know if they EVEN have it here). But I would have a chance to play any of those, I wouldn’t lose that opportunity. ^_^
    Thanks for all that and now, because of you, I’m even more excited for ~After Story~.

  11. check they are the group that currently translating Fate/Stay Night. They already released the patch for FATE (Saber) and UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS (Tohsaka Rin) route, the only route that’s left untranslated is HEAVEN’S FEEL (Matou Sakura).

    You can also ask how to buy the game, they’re not the selling it of course, maybe you can buy one from Himeya. or if you’re not sure, and your conscious is ok with it, you can always download the game, just don’t mention about it in the forum, or about me the one who gave you such advice… lol. I’m the kind of person in the middle/gray area regarding piracy, as my items are some originals and warez… lol. ;p

    Oh, and sorry if you think of my post as SPAM, just thought that you’re interested about these games but just have little idea about it… a little warning though… Eroge are highly addictive… lol. cheers.

  12. Oh it’s ok I don’t mind it. Thanks for all the suggestions. ^_^
    My conscience is a little distracted when it comes to software piracy so maybe, just maybe, I may have a *copy* of it someday haha.

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