OMG! Clannad 24 OUT NOW!

I’ve seen this post. (P.S. Don’t click if you don’t want spoilers. I haven’t read them, just glanced at the pictures.)

Anyone, please tell me where I can watch them. I am SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPEEEER EXCITED!

Wah, I don’t think I can’t sleep. I NEED TO WATCH THIS ASAP!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.


2 thoughts on “OMG! Clannad 24 OUT NOW!

  1. I’m waiting for SS-Eclipse to sub it lol xD! Although there are already a few torrents up and around from unknown subbers, maybe you could try those?

  2. Apparently, I’ve browsed everywhere but still couldn’t find any subbed ones. I’m bad at searching in search engines. Well, i’ll just wait and wait and hope its worth the wait. ^^,

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