Jyukai Conference Pictures

Can somebody tell me where this is from? I can’t understand Japanese language sorry. I’ve been dying to find out what they are writing out there. T_T..

Anyway, here I go again as I plead for their next single… I’m in desperate need of more of their songs..


8 thoughts on “Jyukai Conference Pictures

  1. This is from AX 08!! I was there!! Jyukai rockeddd their concertt. I found myself in one of their blog pictures XD

  2. wah, i wish i was also there… >.<
    any idea when they’ll be releasing their next single? im anticipating it badly…

  3. I don’t knoww :[ Me too!! I want to see them when I go to Japan but they seem to not have any Lives D: But Sachi Tainaka does… I want to go to hers!!

  4. Oh, and you should’ve gone XO I got their autograph and you get to talk to them and shake their handd :O

  5. What’s XO? By any means, I’ll certainly meet them someday. >.<

  6. An expression like xO I guess hahaha. Where do you live? US?

  7. Oh, yeah how could i notice it. It’s an expression! Hahaha. XD <-like this. Haha. Nope. I’m from the Philippines. ^^,.. Dunno if you’ve ever heard of that country haha. *sigh*. Haha. ^^,

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