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6 July 2008
01:00:12 AM

Excited. Overjoyed. Sorrow. Overwhelmed. Furious. Hopeful.

Watching Myself; Yourself really left me a whole world of emotions that I have never indeed experienced for a long time. This anime deserves to be on one of the top.

My thoughts after watching the first episode and after watching the last episode really ARE different, and I mean, WAY TOO DIFFERENT.

The anime reminds me a lot of things about my past, not to mention the characterization and the looks of the characters. Anyway, what’s really striking here is the story and the plot. If it hadn’t been for all the twists and turns of the story, it wouldn’t have had the impact it made, not only to me, but I’m sure to you too.

I’m sorry I haven’t got any screen caps of the highlights of the anime. I was too carried away since the first episode. Which means, you really have to watch them to understand what I really mean.

I’m very grateful that I have encountered such a wonderful anime, the kind that I like, which almost has the same characteristics with the ones I have watched before.

A great story of friendship, tragic betrayal, endearing loyalty, loving family, not to mention what really makes a family, realization of one’s self and the realization of what one has to harness still, overcoming troubles in the past and looking forward into the future, looking back to what others have done, false belief, corrupted minds, hidden emotions, and lastly, commitment and the choice to love and for love. There’s still more that words undeniably can’t express, which will make you want to know more.

But I warn thee, that watching the closing seconds of the final episode will really make you infuriated. I expected a lot to happen but thanks to the amazing yet horrible cliff-hanger, it left me really want to explode! To ask.. But I think that is a great way of saying, “No matter how it will turn out, I’m sure you knew.”

A lot of really memorable lines have been said and I am hoping that I could find more of such kinds. Watching things like these makes me forget the present state that I am. It brings me to a whole new world where anything is possible and the possibilities are endless. But what I liked most about it is that I can really relate to the stories told by them. It’s a form of consolation to myself; that no matter what happens, a silver lining will appear from the dark clouds.

It is just fitting that the title is Myself; Yourself. It couldn’t have been said better by Nanaka-chan. (If you want to find out what she said, then watch it.) Obviously, the title Myself; Yourself does not only refer to Sana-kun and Nanaka-chan, but to each one of us and all the people that we have met and will meet.

The opening and ending themes couldn’t have been chosen any better. It best suits the anime, as the music of Nanaka-chan resonates in my head, and so does her hardships and how she was able to get over it and live with what was written, along with her friends.

My musical performance for tonight is the first tune I ever composed. This tune took a long time to complete. In between, there were many fun and happy times. And there were many sad times as well. I met many people. Separation. And then reunited. This tune contains all those feelings. Listen, Myself; Yourself.

Overall: 10/10. No, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s just the way it is.


7 thoughts on “Myself; Yourself Review

  1. talk about commitment..

    i remember the times when i was still in the Philippines. i used to spend a lot of time thinking about things, and i tend to overlook things. maybe i need exaggeration for survival.

    i guess that’s how life is supposed to be. we’re just a bunch of tiny people. i just hope i can make a difference before my time expires.

    all is well until one guy approaches you and asks you, “sinong crush mo?”

    i love love, and i have nothing against it, but why does it have to be this hard?..

  2. still in the Philippines? so where are you now?

    overlooking things ain’t bad by nature itself.. probably it’s there to remind us that what is inside may be different from the outside, and also that we may not repeat the same mistake we did again. [had my greatest mistake ever some 6 years ago and i still regret it up to this day. i overlooked it actually]

    at least it thought me a lesson.

    i’ll say love is hard because it is sacrificing.. love is God and Jesus. He died for our sins and that is His way of expressing love for us. And being crucified isn’t something easy. Not everything is easy in this world, and in order to fully achieve love, you have to walk “the same path He did”. ^^,

  3. kadiri pala mga sinabi ko. kinikilabutan ako.

  4. aw really? di naman ah.. u’ve been carried away. haha.

  5. While I certainly loved Myself; Yourself, the characterisation and the music, I wouldn’t say the anime deserves 10/10. There are many flaws here and there, the story is too rushed, and the ending a bit abrupt. If they spent less time on Hinako and an extra episode after 13 then it might have paced a little better. Regardless, Myself; Yourself is an enjoyable series, I’d also recommend it to most.

  6. Great to have read that from you. Yup I agree that the ending is really abrupt. It left open-ended scenarios and too many questions were left unanswered. Since it was just a 13-episode series, I expected it to be rushed so that’s why I’m not a bit surprised at how fast the past came to be, especially in the last two episodes. But the lite drama embedded in the series is a sure winner. Thanks for your comment. ^^

  7. The series is really a winner. It shows what camaraderie really is. Can be good(the children) and bad(the parents). Watch it to understand

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