Ringing in my ears

Yesterday, I was in a long line of students waiting to be enlisted in our JEEP (Junior Engagement Program) for schedule and area. JEEP here in Ateneo is something like the next step version of the Sophomore’s NSTP, which will allow us to dig dipper in the hearts of the marginalized, as we ourselves take part in their everyday jobs (and on the Senior year, their everyday lives).

So as I was saying, I was in this line when I heard some girls in my back talking about what would happen in these activites. I was really shocked and got totally upset when I heard some conversations of these types:

>> a)Mabilis lang ba biyahe doon? b)Oo, isang jeep lang naman eh. a)Ha? Jeep? Hindi ba puwedeng kotse na lang? b) Sosyal mo naman. Puwede namang jeep ah. a) Eh pero puwede naman kotse di ba? As much as possible, ayaw ko sumakay ng jeep. Or LRT siguro puwede pa.

>> a) Ang natitira na lang daw ay corn vendors at jeepney barkers. b) Oh my God! Wala na bang iba? Oh shit. Lagot ako. Lagot talaga ako. Wala bang air-con na natira? Grabe naman.

>> Eew. Puwede bang i-skip na lang ‘to? Kasi ayaw kong mag-work kasama nila eh. Mahirap yata ‘yun.

So there. Still vibrating the voices of those people in my eardrums right now. Really unbelievable case. I still don’t know how the likes of them can be people for others if what they consider people are just the people of their “kinds”. I am SO sick of them. Total discrimination. Haven’t they thought that the poor and oppressed were born that way and that in some way or another, will have the choice and the will to take themselves out of it. To bring back their morale in a “classed” society.

I don’t imagine myself talking, mingling, or even working with those type of persons. They are far more disgusting than the things they disgust the most.


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