Turks and the Czechs

OMG. OMG. OMG. Petr Cech what have you done? You’ve let a 2 goal lead slip past your team with just 16 minutes to go? Not only to give a draw but to end up as losers!?!?! OMG. Nihat is at the right place at the right time for Turkey who scored at the 87′ and 89′ to give Turkey a 3-2 win over Czech in their Group in Euro 2008. Absolutely great work for the Villareal forward. With his goals, I think he might be seen and courted by the Europian club giants next season. Amah!zing… ^^

P.S. You just have to watch the highlights HERE. You might want to get ready your tickle areas as the commentators are REALLY REALLY REALLY, and I mean REALLY FUNNY from 5:17 onwards!!! Prepare to get a real laugh! Hahahahahahaha. ^^,

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