Myself; Yourself

Have watched only the first episode of Myself; Yourself and it is very good IMO. Just the first episode and it already has the mix that I’ve been looking for a good anime – romance, comedy, twists, good interesting plot, lite drama, ecchi (hmm, not really, it’s just that it’s included there hahahaha.), and violet high school uniforms. ^^ Weeee… Will be clinging into this one and watch it ’til the end. Hope the story is good. ^^

Also, I will be cheering for the Dutch squad in the Euro 2008 which will start in just 19 hours now, even though Robin van Persie is not at 100%. There’s still VDS, VDV, vNiestelrooy and everyone else that’s good enough to win the championship. Go Holland! ^^,

Also, I haven’t had any dreams of her lately. Good sign perhaps.


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