Vacation?! Officially Over!

Wah. Today is the Game 1 of the NBA Finals! Lakers v Celtics. But I don’t mind it much. There are no Hornets nor the Warriors! Waaah. Anyway, congrats to either of those two.

Aside from that.. Anything that will be written here is just my personal life. Haha.

The day before my summer classes ended, I dreamed of her yet again and again! But that time, I had no clear image of her. In fact, I didn’t even see here there. She just kinda e-mail me about why I am always dreaming of her. Thing is, I can’t remember why. Anyway, it’s still about her.. Damn… ><”

Then, a strange thing happened. RA texted me twice (the day after and 3 days later) that she had dreamed of me with HER toooooooooooo!!! Oh my goshness! What the.. I’m so speechless. I dunno what to say. I’m super surprised. Yep, if I’ll just take it as a “it’s a no big deal thing”, then I’ll be fine. But then…

As I was still in vacation, I had a dream of her again! Twice! And no, I know what you’re thinking, I AM NOT THINKING OF HER after that. I mean, of course after the dream, there were some reminiscence (lol, haha) but after that, everything is forgotten now. It’s just the impact that made the difference! ><”

For the first dream, here goes:

There’s this some kind of presentation/reunion together with my high school and college friends. I am so surprised that she is also there. But not in a really good mood because she is very sick. I also found out later that I am really sick too, and I don’t feel really good. Then one time, she fainted so I really got in a super panic mode. I carried her and sought for help from anyone. Unfortunately, I don’t know if everyone is cold-hearted that no one helped me! So I carried her and tried to bring to the nearest clinic but I can’t find one. I’m really getting fatigued now and when I was climbing this stairs which I can’t remember where (seems like a store or something), I eventually fainted too.

As I regain my consciousness back, I immediately looked for her. I saw her outside and figured the presentations are over and that it’s time to go home. She’s back on her feet again. I asked her if I could accompany her home knowing that she’s still not feeling good still (although I myself is not feeling well yet…) At first she kinda hesitated but then I eventually accompanied her home. ~fin~

And here’s my second dream:

I was back in high school, probably in fourth year because she’s not studying there anymore, and as I am planning to go home now, I saw her outside and she approached me, telling that she want to accompany me home. I am surprised that it seems like Jupiter collided with Saturn! I don’t know what to do. But heck, I said yes of course and like every time since then, we were together after school. ~fin~

Really, really, memorable dreams of mine. You judge. I don’t know what to say, what to think, what to feel. Confused probably..

Meanwhile, back to classes now. . .

7 thoughts on “Vacation?! Officially Over!

  1. namimiss mo lang yan, wala na ibang reason. pag inisip mo pa lalo, malilito ka lang nyan. dapat cguro magkita kayo in person (it works.. hehe)

  2. haha. i had a conversation with her and she also hoped that we’d meet again in person some time soon. (i hope its sooner than i thought). pero ayaw ko kc ng set date.. gusto mo, makasalubong ko lang siya out of nowhere… will wait for that moment haha.

  3. ah ganun. kasi naman e. naglolokohan ba tayo dito?

  4. nope. i dunno really. i can’t control my dreams lol.

  5. wag na isipin yang panaginip na yan.. dreams == not reality. kung mangyari irl, edi coincidence, hehe. dejavu

  6. yep yep, guess you’re right anyway. thnx! 😀

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