Update ^^,

I will soon be adding a page here in my site about a book I have just recently been reading and is Like the Flow of River by the great Paulo Coelho. I will be adding in here some of my favourite thoughts and reflections of his and will be also adding some of mine. To all literature lovers, I advise you read his works which are really enlightening and really fantastic.

Meanwhile, guess what! I have dreamed of her once more! Oh my. But this time, it’s something like she e-mailed me and from what I can remember, its about her explanation on why do I keep on dreaming about her! Really strange isn’t it. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. This is the strangest, or probably, the most bizzare part! RA texted me and asking me if I still love MC. Know why? She dreamed of her with me! WHAT THE???!!! Is this plain coincidence or what? Oh my. What is going on?

Keep posted to those who want that TFT Strats. ( I will be writing one for Human, Undead, and Night Elf. Sorry for Orc users. Don’t use it much. ^^)


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