Oh No!

Oh No! Really! Gosh, I think I have to wait until next season arrives for me to see the Hornets again. They lost to the ever-boring style of play of the Spurs. Man! The Spurs are at the West Finals again. Damn it.

Anyway, good season over-all for the Hornets, grabbing the West’s 2nd spot. And speaking of West, David West wasn’t as threatening as before maybe because of Horry’s shot to hum late in Game 6. Nice one Rob! You’re like Bowen now huh?

What I think needs to be done in the off-season:

1. Trade Jannero Pargo for a balanced PG. Pargo is shoot first PG.

2. Get a Go-To-Guy with some experience because for sure, they’ll be in the Playoffs again next season.

3. Make Chris “The Birdman” Andersen active. He is the real hustle player.

4. Make Bonzi Wells fit in the playing style of the Hornets. He is a great player but what we’ve seen so far is not Wells-like.

5. Need better frontcourt bench support. (Puhleease! Other than Melvin Ely pls!)


2 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. i’m back! you probably know why i am here. yes. because of another “melting” encounter. mm hmm. saruy.

    maybe they need to sign pingris and pennisi.

  2. yeah! hahaha. i think NOH needs to sign flyslyone fast! hhhhhhhmmmm…… 😀

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