Get Together @ Pen-Pen’s

Yesterday, we got a little reunion as our friend Steph went home here in the Philippines after staying in the states for about 3 straight years. It was really fun in there, especially with all my old friends there. Since we never really got to meet each other quite often, we chatted and talked stories of ourselves with each other for a really, really long time. Haha. Makes me miss my high school days so much!

Those who were present are of course me, Steph, Audrey (it’s the end of the world if she can’t go), Mondi (earliest bird ^^), Kim (2nd person to arrive), Jake (fashionista again? haha), Saundra (as usual they were 1 hour late) , Carleene (oh my, you have a long hair already! mukha ka nang babae wahahaha!), Genevieve (doesn’t change much haha), Bea (i thought you couldn’t come?), Kuya Jodi, Kuya Shinji (almost the same hairstyle as Jake haha), Kuya Mark, Kigi, Nikka (handed over the invitations for her debut), Teta (short hair) and Christine. I think’s that’s about it.

We talked about each other’s lovelife, acads, stories of the road, etc. We also played the National Game in the 52-Deck Playing Cards (Pusoy Dos wahahaha!), some sang in the Magic Sing, and anything else you would’ve regreted for not coming along! ^^

We talked about how Kevin Hukom had his mannerism, how Avogadro and Armstrong got stranded in the Kaisahan Gen. Merchandise, how we used to play Ice Ice Water after general cleanings and how Mang Bench would stop the activities at 1800 sharp! How our Ibong Adarna play had its share of special moments. How Dan Edward sang Harana in front of everyone else for Trisha and Trisha alone! How Kevin Hukom (again!) had his siomai like wood crawler or catterpillar or something in a jar with lots of sawdust. How we talked about how one of us got a GWA of 1.25 as a med student! O.o… ~_~… How we were still together with you know who.. (Kinda annoying really! ~_~) How Jocel got the central topic of our conversation at about 0030. How our lives were coming along in college. How we missed each other (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) (or at least I did miss them! and will mist them!) (another awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!) How………….. and all that stuff!
Thanks for the time guys and thanks for coming along!.. ^^, Sure everyone had a nice day. ^^

Auf wiedersehen! ^^,

EDIT: Will upload pix as soon as Penpen and Kim gave me a copy of theirs. Haha. ^^

EDIT: Wah eto na po ung pics! Pero di pa complete to. Thanks to Nikka, Penpen, and Kim for these images. ^^ Errrr, I’m sorry it’s not organized. However, u can check Nikka’s Multiply for a better view. ^^, Thanks!^^


2 thoughts on “Get Together @ Pen-Pen’s

  1. all the pictures said that you missed each other.. I’m planning to have a little reunion with my HS friends as well.. I think its great to bring my magic sing as well =)

  2. haha. guess i inspired you with that. great. have a great time. ^^

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