Warcraft III: TFT

Ever heard of Defense of the Ancients? (DotA). Sure I know you’ve heard of it. Hell I know you’ve played it like only a thousand times!

Now here’s a different question. Ever heard of Ice Crown? What, you haven’t heard of it? How about Raging Stream? Doesn’t ring the bell? Well that’s a shocker. In that case, you need to know the origins of DotA, which is WC3: TFT. It is a strategy game that needs tons and tons of skills of presence of mind and micromanagement ( ever heard of that word? ). I’m gonna assure you that this is a real fun game. ^^,

Soon enough, I will be writing strategies and the basics and advance playing using 2 specific races only (as I’m only used to using these 2), which is Human and Undead race. Be sure to keep in tact for those who want real hardcore gaming guide! ^_^

Ditch the DotA. Play TFT. =D


2 thoughts on “Warcraft III: TFT

  1. check back in the next one to one and a half weeks later maybe. i will be quite busy [contrary in vacation]. but promise to put up one. any suggestion so far? tnx

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