Updates. ^^,

I haven’t posted stuff here lately, so I think I’ll pay a visit.

My Battledawn account is really going fine. It’s starting to get really exciting with all the alliances, diplomacies, conquers, and the wars baby! YEAH! ^^ I’m on Earth 6 and why don’t you try to play too when the world restarted? ^^

Meanwhile, my New Orleans Hornets have found themselves in a tied series with the formidable Spurs. But this shouldn’t ruin their poise and confidence with themselves. They’re younger, more athletic, and faster compared to the aging Spurs so I believe that the West Finals slot is theirs for the taking.

It’s been a really bum summer here in our country as it continues to rain all summer long! It’s strange but I really think it is the effects of the global warming. Scary.. ~_~.. I haven’t got much to do since I only have 1 class this summer, comprising of only 90 mins of my entire day. Sleep, play, sleep, play… Sheeshh… Everyday’s not a new day for me.

WTH! AC Milan lost! Wah! Now they’re right back in the 5th place of the Serie A behind the winners Fiorentina. They are now down by 2 points with just 1 game remaining! Oh no! They NEED and MUST win in their last game and Fiorentina NEEDS and MUST lose! ROAR! GO KAKA. GO INZAGHI! GO PATO!

Also, I’m awaiting for the Closed Beta Testing of Cabal Online here in the Philippines, which will start in May 15th. I already have my account and I hope this game’s really good.

Dota anyone? PM me GGclient kitomi <<username. ^^

Anime? Still looking for suggestions. ^^ Planning to watch Myself; Yourself really soon as I’ve got the copy now. Planning to watch also: ~ef~ A Tale of Memories, Tower of Druaga, Hatenkou Yuugi.

In music, I’m still waiting for the new release of Jyukai, if there will be. ^^, Wait, is is this real? As I type this, I hear the song Better Man by Robbie Williams. OMG! Robbie Williams! I still can’t forget how I absolutely adore his songs. Totally! ~hands.down~ Way to go Mr Robbie. Thanks for your exquisite compositions! <and what! That’s She’s The One. COOOOooooOOOllll!!^^>

Well that’s about it. ^^ Haha.


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