Create your own Trainer Card ^^

My trainer card haha.^^

Another of my trainer card.^^

Haha. I’ve found this site which lets you create your own Pokemon Trainer Card haha. For all you Pokemon fanatics out there. It’s really cool for siggies and all that stuff. Haha. Really cool. ^^

Click here to create your own too.^^


37 thoughts on “Create your own Trainer Card ^^

  1. how come i cant do it

  2. Hmmm? What seems to be the problem?

  3. please can somone show me their team i will show you mine ,buy the way my name is brendan.

  4. dont copy my pokemon you gay mith crap houndoom is to good for you and so is absol

  5. [img][/img]

  6. kuya pao!! haha. la lahn. sarah to! ge ingats!

  7. how do u get the code?

  8. I don’t. I just followed the steps on the site.

  9. hi! Mith falath, How do you show your trainer card on your website?

  10. i tried to make one bit it didn’t work. i chose what template category i wanted. and it didn’t do anything. i couldn’t click on anything. am i doing something wrong?

  11. Try using Firefox as a browser.

  12. Huh. This looks really cool and such, but it just keeps telling me “Forbidden” and “You do not have permission to access this document.”


  13. Ummmm…dude? Pokecharms sorta…doesn’t work anymore…

  14. does that not work for maks cuz ive gone to that side b4 and tried the card thing but any time i click on “make your own trainer card” it just says forbiden

  15. ok well thnx i was just wonderin. (it was realy bugging me.) i found other a TON of other sites though. finaly i created my own! im gonna use it as my ic for youtube. it will be up in bout a day. this is my profile (if anyoe wants to see my pic)

  16. accualy id does work aperently i went on again 1 time and the trainer card thing was working but apparently there were still afew bugs… i have a good site its a bit less detailed and it only has diamond and pearl sprites though. ti should be posted with this message.

  17. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like growlithe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. yaaaaaaaaay zakks dead lol

  19. you kno cause he attacked

  20. I make my own cards now..
    Pokecharms dosn’t work anymore

  21. cool i love pokemon so i think you can make a good trainer

  22. Umm, it doesn’t work for me… it says exactly this:

    Trainer Cards unavailable
    Apologies for the inconvenience, but following some issues with a server transfer a lot of our stuff isn’t available right now. We’ll be working over the next couple of weeks to return everything to normal, so keep tuned to the main page for more updates.

    Did i do something wrong?
    Please help.

    • Apparently though, that site doesn’t offer modifications of trainer cards anymore. There are however, other sites like that. You may try searching in Google once more.

      Good luck.

  23. i like dealing things.

  24. I played pokemon black and white jap version on Nintendo DS but waiting for the US verision coming out next year

  25. why the pokemon is just an egg ??

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