weekend party

12 Apr 08

Happy birthday Jeremie! Joromie! Well, at least belated happy birthday haha! We went to Joromie’s place and spent the night there and I were the only non-Mascian there! Haha! Now who’s got the guts!^^

The very first thing that we did was of course basketball and it also was the last! The last game is such a pain in the a**, not literally. Up to now, I am still experiencing body pain because I still feel tired. *body aches, body gruntles*

There were some inuman sessions and I am not one of the participants, kainan to the max, jamming sessions with Erwin who has the most imba-est male, deep voice I have ever heard. There were also some billiards sessions – lots of it -, swimming sessions, pusoy dos and tong-its sessions and the most uncelebrated part of every party, sleeping sessions. Haha! ^^ Some of us actually didn’t sleep. (I slept for about 1 hour in the morning and about 3 hours in the afternoon)

Being with those guys is really cool and enjoying since we crack up jokes every moment which makes everybody laugh! (Especially Ace!)
I hope this happens again real soon. ^_^ How I missed my old friends.


2 thoughts on “weekend party

  1. sh et. saruy. i love you paps.

  2. Haha. Yeah, let’s do it again sometime. ^^

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