The Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk Ep.1

I have managed to watch the first episode of one of the two latest anime from Gonzo, (the other one Blassreiter) which I have anticipated for quite some time now. It is an anime taken from the platform game of the same title from Namco (or was it Ban Dai, please correct me..) I am planning to finish this anime as it gave me a good first impression. In one site, it is being updated and aired there (subbed) almost the same day as it is being aired in Japan. Goodies.. ^^

 Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk

It is a season that comes but once every few years and during which the powers of the monsters within the Tower wane thanks to the grace of the great god Anu.

Each Summer of Anu, the armies of the Uruk Kingdom secure their strongholds within the Tower, aiming to eventually conquer the upper floors.

Decades of re-fortification and battle have passed since the infamous adventures of Gil and Ki. Their story has now become a legend.

Now, finally, the third Summer of Anu has arrived.

The city of Meskia – the first stronghold built on the first level of the Tower – is brimming with unprecedented expectation. In addition to the Uruk Army, preparing for their third campaign against Druaga, innumerable adventurers have been drawn to Meskia by rumors of a legendary treasure believed to be hidden on the top floor of the Tower…

Here are some of the sights from the anime (probably the worst quality screenies you’ll ever see.. sorry for that) :




There. I’m sorry for the poorest ever quality, but at least it gave you (I hope) a glimpse of what this anime is.


My first thought is that this will be a really good adventure, action, supernatural anime I’ve always longed for. Hoping for action-packed scenes as well as values, contradictions to plots, surprise scenes, and remarkable episode endings.


Heck, I can’t even stop laughing while watching this episode! This is one of the most hilarious episodes in anime ever wahahaha! ^^, Very much contradicted my idea of intriguing and action-packed. Hell 4 main characters have already died and 1 has been left behind by the leader! Well at least that is the surprise part. But all of these stupidities and jokes were explained by the twisting event in the later part of the episode. What happened? Well, watch it then! ^^,


Nice anime, nice episode. Really looking forward at the next episodes. Gonzo fans, Blassreiter (futuristic, supernatural genre) is a must watch. But I won’t be watching that one scenes I really don’t like futuristic stuff haha.^^







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